Here are some of the emails and letters that I get from readers

Thank you so much for your visit to our school. The
children were truly inspired after your workshop and learned so much from your writing expertise.

You were so enthusiastic in your delivery and made every child feel that they could succeed as writers.

They were all truly motivated to write their own short stories using the objects provided by you as a stimulus.
Many of the children have read and enjoyed your books purchased during your visit.

Mary Howard C of E school, Tamworth

Thank you once again for visiting – the children were so excited and gained enormously from your talk. They have been reading your books and writing stories ever since!
St Andrews C of E Primary School

Hello Lorraine,
My son has just arrived home from school, and was very excited to talk about your visit to his school today!
Thank you for introducing him to your books, which I am looking forward to sharing with him soon!
Will you please let me know how I can purchase a signed copy of your pirate book for him.
thank you

Dear Lorraine
Would it be possible to buy a copy of The Other Side of the Rainbow please? My daughter saw you at School, on World Book Day and has pestered me ever since to get a copy from you – autographed.

To Lorraine
Thank you for the books, I really enjoyed them. I am now writing a book myself, it is about bullyin

Hi Lorraine
thanks for a great book The Other End of the Rainbow, I liked it when Zoe steped through the clock into another dimension. please let me know when your next book is on sale.

Megan T

Dear Lorraine,
as you might not know me, my name is Leah-marie and i am just e-mailing you to tell you that i think that your book  the other end of the rainbow  is amazing as i feel when i read it that i am zoe exploring phineas' house and
i would like to congraulate you on being such a good writer

your sincely

leah x

Dear Miss Hellier,

I am a grandmother of five. Together we have read your lovely book "The Other End Of The Rainbow" We found it fascinating. Very much looking forward to the next adventure

Best Wishes for the future

Mrs. B.G

The Other End of the Rainbow

A charming, gentle story with just the right balance between the real
world and the fantasy. The characters are lively and appealingly visual
(especially Popcorn the dragon and Mr. Tumblederry) and my children
clamoured for bedtime chapters to be read to them.

Jane (and Tamara and Alex)


Hello, this is Toni

I know that your book is based on the younger children but i still very much
enjoyed it.
I think the pictures are wonderful and the story is brilliant. I hope your
books are successful.



hi lorraine, this is danielle avery, lyndon's daughter. Nanny pauline sent me your book you signed for me, i've just started to read it and can't put it down it's really good, thankyou very much.


Hi Lorriane
I'm Nicola, Gwen and Brian eldest grandchildren, Richards daughter.

I just wanted to send a quick message to say I think your book is great,
Nan has been showing all who visit and everyone is impressed.

Just can't wait to read the next one!!!!

Lots of love


Dear Lorraine,
The Other End of the Rainbow.
I thought that this is an enchanting book. Just the sort of book I enjoyed as a child and read it with great joy as an adult. The characters are well drawn and very believable. It is a 'page turner' even for an adult and I am looking forward to the next one.

Hi Lorraine,
'The Other End of the Rainbow' is a brilliantly imaginative book, rich in colour, texture and personality. I'm an adult reader, but my 'inner child' loved it!
Regards Jan.

The other end of the rainbow.
From the moment you enter the clock and accompany Zoe on her magical journey this book is a page turner.You will visit a colourful Island where time stands still and meet wonderful characters you'll never forget like Mr Tumblederry, a turnabout, Betty the cow who gives strawberry flavoured milk and Mercury the winged pony.
Finally ...share with Zoe the secret of the other end of the rainbow.
A truly delightful book!.


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