“ I wanted the reader to shadow the main character of the story,
Zoë and join in her adventure. I believe I achieved my objective.
The characters are imaginative, interesting and colourful.
Children will love experiencing a visit into another dimension.”

What does she find at the other end of the rainbow?
You have to read the book to find out.




An Extract From The book

“…At the top of the stairs there was nothing, except a grandfather clock. It had a sun and moon decorative inset and a gold face. The time on the clock was ten past five. The front panel was slightly open. Zoë called out again. ‘Phineas are you up here?’ She was puzzled because there were no other doors. The only piece of furniture was the clock. There were no windows, so it was quite dim. She heard Phineas’s voice. ‘Come through, Zoë.’ ‘Come through where?’ ‘Through the clock, it is open.’ Zoë opened the panel fully and saw daylight beyond.’

“… ‘Zoë, this is Popcorn, he’s a dinky little dragon, isn’t he?’ It was as Zoë and Roseena patted his head, that Popcorn changed colour. First from yellow to orange, then from orange to red. Then, with the excitement of the attention from the girls, a cloud of yellow burst from beneath his tail, which smelt like rotten eggs. Zoë and Roseena backed away pinching their noses.”


“I wonder who will enter the grandfather clock next?”


Other Information


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